I know some of you like riding solo. I was hooked on group riding
when I got back into two wheeling 19 years ago. I stumbled upon
a great riding group "Minn-Max Scooters of Minnesota" and enjoyed
the destinations, (I would never get to alone) the camaraderie and
good humor.

I made some life long friendships along the trail. I would drag my
Sony Digital camera on the rides and shoot as much as I could.

If you live near the Twin Cities of Minnesota you can (no Cost) join
the group and receive all the ride notices and updates. Log into
Minn-Max Meetup in Minnesota and request to join.

The group is older (Average age 55) and very welcoming to newbies

The photo link below is a compilation of group shots over the years,
It is in Flickr photo format. If you click on the first photo it goes to
slide show.


These are some of the good folks I have been fortunate enough to met.

Bob Copeland
MInn-Max Ride Coordinator
We need newbies because the older birds are dying off. Ride until you can't.