Last week I went to Americade. The motorcycle demo ride models by various manufacturers was the most at any event in a long time. I saw three scooters in that area. A QJ Motors LTR 150 and VPS 50 and a Piaggio Typhoon in the Aprilia/Moto Guzzi tent doing errand runs by the staff.

On the streets I saw a Vespa 150, a TMax, Xmax and an ancient Honda 250 Elite.

The roads were great, the weather even better and I did 800 miles on my Kawasaki over the course of six days.

Edit: Estimates placed attendance at 60,000.

Further edit: On the second day there we rode a large group ride to the Lake Placid area. First on the agenda was a trip to the top of the road on Whiteface Mountain. It was in the upper eighties in temperature and even a Gold Wing trike overheated on the ride up the steep climb. My forty year old Kawasaki got pretty steamy and even with a forty-five minute stop it was hard to start. Once running it cooled down on the run downhill and didn't give me a problem the rest of the day. The group stopped at the Mirror Lake Inn for a pre-arranged lunch over looking Mirror Lake. The rest of the ride went well with a much too long ride on the Northway after riding through the scenic roads in the Adirondacks. Total mileage for the day was 198 miles. For the first time in a long time my 750 wasn't the smallest bike in attendance. An NC700 DCT from Florida and a BMW GS650 were under me. Among the baggers and Gold Wings we were tots in the group though.