After what has seemed like endless rain for the past week, Sunday morning is fine, so out early for a couple of hours ride on the LML 200. Just staying local.

I've recently removed the fly-screen as the flexing and rattling was annoying and I think it was causing some wind deflection towards my visor. I've also fitted my new, lightweight luggage...a couple of easily converted flight bags (you do need to know how to use a needle and thread!), strong and surprisingly capacious, ideal for a little essential shopping!
A quiet, tree-lined road near home.
I stop to take pictures as a large sports-bike passes-by at some speed!
Smooth and straight, ideal for a quick blast...or maybe just a gentle amble.
A deserted country lane, trees, sunshine and a scooter...who needs more.
Dappled sunshine in the characterful village of Sedgefield.
Sedgefield's St.Edmunds Church in the background.
The fine, old 13th century St. Edmunds Church.
The monthly craft fair in the background, always sure of a good local turn-out.
Sedgefield village green, splendid mature trees and the old 'pump'!
The village green, beautiful trees and very old houses of character.
On my return, a quick visit to Sainsbury's supermarket for some essentials. Note the very thoughtfully provided motorcycle bay.