Posting Guidelines
Posting Guidelines
Modern Vespa is a privately-owned, moderated forum, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason at all. Contrary to popular belief, nobody has unconditional freedom of speech in this forum. Every user must abide by the rules.
New Users
You are welcome here. Register an account, and introduce yourself if you'd like us to say hello. Lurking is okay too, but the forum will be easier to use if you register. Try to do a search (link at the top of every page) before asking a general question -- chances are, the question has been asked and answered several times already. If you can't find an answer via search, though, don't sweat it -- ask and we'll try to point you in the right direction.
Old Users
Please have patience with new users with regard to searching the forum before posting -- people new to the subject (any subject) often don't know the correct terminology and can become easily overwhelmed by the plethora of search results returned for generic terms. We can become a better community and a better forum by welcoming new users instead of getting mad at them on their first post. If you can help a new user, please do so. If you know a past topic that would help them and don't mind pointing it out, please do so. Otherwise, just move on -- don't take it upon yourself to be the Search Cop.
General Behavior
Be civil to one another. Treat everyone with respect. Stick to the subject of scooters. Keep it friendly and remember that not everyone shares your particular viewpoint, nor should anyone be ridiculed for not believing exactly as you do. Modern Vespa is a friendly community full of enthusiasts, not a place to bicker or grind your axe. Before posting, ask yourself if this is something you would say in person, face to face. If not, you might want to seriously think about not hitting the submit button.

Put another way, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
Things that aren't allowed on Modern Vespa
- Racist or hate speech
- Discussion of politics or religion
- Identifying your political party
- Discussion of helmet laws
- Divisive topics like abortion or the death penalty
- Personal attacks, even minor ones
- Denigrating or insulting another user
- Legal threats toward the admin, the moderators, or any user
- Argumentative behavior*
- Pornography
- Commercial postings, solicitations, or promotions
- Posts, Avatars or sig pictures that are off-color, NSFW, or in poor taste

Any of the above things will get you, at a minimum, a stern warning from the moderators. It might also get you banned outright, depending on the nature of the offense, how long you've been here, and whether we think you make, on the whole, a positive contribution to the community. New users who offend in their first handful of posts get much less leeway than people who have been around contributing to the community for a long time.

We are striving to preserve a tone of friendly community here. Any user demonstrating the tendency to be disruptive, even if they haven't committed any of the above offenses, will be removed.

* Arguing is different than friendly and civil debate. We welcome spirited debate on Modern Vespa.
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