FAQ: What Are All The Ranks And How Many Posts Do I Need?
Ranks get automatically assigned to users based on post count, in the absence of anything else.

Here's a list of all the ranks and how many posts are necessary to achieve each level:

0000 - 0004 Lurker
0005 - 0049 Member
0050 - 0099 Enthusiast
0100 - 0499 Hooked
0500 - 1004 Addicted
1005 - 1999 Molto Verboso
2000 - 4999 Ossessionato
5000 - ????? Veni, Vidi, Posti

Occasionally, we give out custom rank titles that override the rank given by post count, but generally that requires a bribe. Beer works well, but use your imagination.

The Molto Verboso threshold of 1005 (rather than 1000) is not a mistake! Hint: think Roman numerals...
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